How Do You Tackle Conflict in The Workplace

BY Admin   October 09, 2017   Education

Every organization faces its ups and downs. Any place that has a number of people working in it is bound to go through certain conflicts as no matter how hard you try, there is a certain amount of miscommunication that takes place. When things are miscommunicated, conflicts arise. Most of the times people don't bother to clear them out as a result of which the company suffers and its growth is hampered.

There is a difference in work goals of every individual employee and this eventually leads to conflicts. No matter how many similar in nature employees you hire, they are always going to have their own distinctive personalities. How do you gain insights into the nature of these different personalities? One of the best ways to do so is by going for the disc profile personality test. This assessment lets you understand why people behave differently from each other, and why they tend to behave the way they do. Communication is essential if you want to resolve conflicts and avoid them from coming up. A lot of rumors start in the workplace because someone wasn't listening properly, but these rumors can go a long way when it comes to destroying a person's reputation. It is also equally important to listen carefully. Rather than talking all the time, take a moment to actually listen to your colleague so that you understand the message that they are truly trying to convey.

There are going to be certain things which can be the possible reason behind conflict. You shut the door too hard in someone's face, or you cut someone off during their presentation and stole the lime light. There can be a million reasons, but you need to figure out what matters to you. Conflicts should never go unresolved, but there is a definite need for you to prioritize them. Every conflict is not worth putting a lot of time into, when you prioritize your conflicts you pay attention to the ones which are important and are worth spending your valuable time over. It is possible one area of conflict doesn't seem of much importance to you, but is gravely important to your colleague. You cannot guess this on your known and take a guess. You need to talk to the number of people who can be affected from the conflict, or who are a part of the conflict so as to minimize damage. Effective communication is the ultimate key. But how do you get all your members to communicate effectively? You must buy disc profile personality test tool online if you want a solution to this problem. You need to develop a plan so that you can resolve these conflicts as soon as possible. But just merely devising the plan is not enough. You need to follow through and stick to the plan as well.

It isn't necessary that all the parties that are involved in the conflict come out as the winner. All you need to do is find out a common ground which everyone can agree on. By finding a common ground, everyone will be content and anyone who got their feelings hurt will feel that the issue has been taken care of; which was the motive behind devising the plan in the first place. Once you succeed in resolving the conflict, build on that relationship. Take out a little time to compliment your peers on their strengths. It hardly takes a minute to tell someone that they did a good job, but it can definitely make their day. It is important to have good relations with your colleagues. If you keep on picking a fight with everyone, you will not be able to fulfil your social needs.