Jokes for Humor and Laughter and Giggles all Around

BY Admin   November 11, 2017   Jokes for Humor and Laughter and Giggles all Around

What do you get when cross a kangaroo with a rabbit?  I don't know, but it has to be safer than crossing a kangaroo with a gorilla.

Whats the difference between a lollipop and a Popsicle?  You lick them both, but so
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iPhone 8 Problem with Battery? Here’s what to do

BY Admin   October 25, 2017   MCX Trading Tips

The most awaited smartphone of the era has been introduced by the company and iPhone 8 and 8 plus are now on sale around the world. Comparing these two iPhones with the earlier launched 7 and 7 plus, there is not much change in terms of the design but it is packed up
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OnePlus 5 Smartphone Review

BY Admin   September 26, 2017   OnePlus 5

To get £449/$479, the OnePlus 5 Smartphone is an effective cope, but the high cost demands a more crucial look at some of its disadvantages. There are a few losing functions and some odd omissions, but this is still one of the best technical good deals. The gold b
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Yet Another Study Confirms Meditation Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

BY Admin   September 08, 2017   Meditation

This comes as no surprise to eastern healers and mystics but meditation helps to lower blood pressure, manage stress, anxiety and a host of physical and mental issues. Yet another study published in PLOS ONE confirms that meditation is very effective for those asking
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