Learn Microsoft OneNote for Android app with office Lens

BY Admin   January 09, 2018   Microsoft Office

All about Microsoft OneNote

In Microsoft OneNote, OneNote pages are built to be free from canvas and it is a computer program that is free from information gathering and multi-user collaboration. You can highlight, draw, enter text and zoom also like your Smartphone. The Microsoft OneNote allows you to eliminate paper notebooks and to do list in favor of the OneNote. Sometimes any technical problem comes in front of you while using Microsoft OneNote that time you need to support, you can contact Microsoft customer service. Microsoft One Note is a computer program using for information gathering and multi-user association.

Microsoft One Note is the application of Microsoft office suite and it also sync One note data between computer and device by Microsoft sky drive cloud storage device

Most popular apps for using one Note are available for Apple's iPhone and iPad, windows phone, android portable device, and open Note notes can also be viewed in web browsers via web apps.

Microsoft updates OneNote for Android app with office

Latest Microsoft updated OneNote app for Android and also offering office lens integration to everyone. Office lens is there an OneNote app for Android. You want to download OneNote app for Android so easily you can. Office lens is one of the most useful applications released by the Microsoft.

  • To scan document with the help of OneNote Android app
  • Office lens will automatically crop and straighten them.
  • The document can be exported as an image or PDF
  • You can send it to the app like OneNote for Android, word, Excel and otherMicrosoft office applications.

That is not all about newly updated through Microsoft Office, if you are using Android 7.1 or above you will now be able to hold the app icon and there will be a pop-up menu that allows you create two different kinds of the notes in this application.

You will also now be able to sign into the app using your phone number, so you will no longer have to remember your password.

Some Advantage of Microsoft OneNote

Let’s talk about steps for benefits of the Microsoft OneNote

  • Get OneNote for Free
  • Sync Your Notebooks
  • Organize and Use Often
  • Busy Student Lives
  • Do Math in Your Notes

Microsoft OneNote Android update new features

Microsoft updates new features in OneNote for Android given below:-

  • Automate OneNote with IFTTT
  • Save web pages for offline viewing with One Note Clipper
  • Send articles to One Note Android app review with RSS and blog aggregators
  • Use a Livescribe Smartpen to write notes and send them to OneNote
  • Scan notes and other documents with Genius Scan and Jot Not
  • E-mail yourself notes by sending them to me@onenote.com
  • Use Office Lens to capture documents and whiteboards