Yet Another Study Confirms Meditation Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

BY Admin   September 08, 2017   Meditation

This comes as no surprise to eastern healers and mystics but meditation helps to lower blood pressure, manage stress, anxiety and a host of physical and mental issues. Yet another study published in PLOS ONE confirms that meditation is very effective for those asking how to reduce blood pressure fast.


Meditation in general has many misconceptions and myths attached to it that are fortunately being debunked with every passing day. Meditation is non-denominational, meaning that you don’t need to ascribe to any particular religion to practice. Many people all over the world of different ages, cultures and religions are already benefitting from meditation.

Study Linking Meditation to Reduced Blood Pressure

The study published in PLOS ONE (a popular open access scientific journal) reports that meditation stimulates telomerase genes. These genes produce proteins, which lengthen telomeres. Telomeres are located at the end of each chromosome in the human DNA, guarding and protecting genetic data.

Generally speaking, the telomeres get shorter with age, but some factors can accelerate this shortening. As the telomerase gets shorter, the person appears to age more rapidly and is more prone to health risks such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Rapidly dwindling telomere lengths are also observed in atherosclerosis, heart failure and hypertension as demonstrated in a 2004 review in the Circulation Research.

According to this study, meditation helps telomere lengthening production, which reverses the aforementioned concerns.

The study was conducted at the Howard University Medical Center in DC and involved 48 African-Americans (who, studies show are more prone to high blood pressure).

The study only used natural ways to reduce blood pressure fast. During the study, half of the participants were taught meditation and practiced it regularly. The second group was asked to make lifestyle changes such as moderating alcohol, reducing salt intake and weight loss. The results were measured after 16 weeks where both groups showed a significant decrease in blood pressure level.

This goes to show that meditation alone is effective in reducing blood pressure although the role of healthy lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and healthy diets is also of value.


The issue of whether meditation helps to reduce blood pressure is no longer in question, with other scientific studies consistently confirming this. Meditation reduces the amount of adrenaline released inside; adrenaline is the stress hormones which increases blood pressure. The practice also aids a wide range of areas including sleep, anxiety, stress and general well being. Guided meditation using free apps such as Thought Waves Pro is especially useful for those getting into the practice as well as accomplished meditators.