iPhone 8 Problem with Battery? Here’s what to do

BY Admin   October 25, 2017   MCX Trading Tips

The most awaited smartphone of the era has been introduced by the company and iPhone 8 and 8 plus are now on sale around the world. Comparing these two iPhones with the earlier launched 7 and 7 plus, there is not much change in terms of the design but it is packed up by the all new A11 bionic chip. Like any other year, Apple fans were in the big queues to get their hands on the latest technology but something unexpected happened after the smartphone was only one weeks old.

As per the reports which made the headlines stated that iPhone 8 and 8 plus devices bursting open due to the faulty batteries. Yes, you heard it right, these latest devices has a potential issue regarding the batteries as users from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan posted images of not so god looking iPhones. It was very clear from the images that the screen pulled away from the body which is caused by the expanding battery. The whole scenario is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but the only relief is that these iPhones are not exploding, and we have to give some credits to Apple for that. After the news emerged, there were some other cases that cropped up from China, Canada, and Greece.

The first ever case was registered from Taiwan, the lady named Mrs. Wu posted the image of her iPhone wide open from the body and she also stated that she was charging the device with the official charger which she received inside the box. The Apple shop have taken the iPhone back and passed it to Apple for further investigation.

Response from Apple

These reports spread like a fire in the jungle and is quite unexpected when it comes to the Apple as they are known for maintaining the highest standards regardless of the product. The company released the unofficial statement that they are looking into the matter and will find the exact reason behind it. The cases are still less in numbers which can be related to the manufacturing defects but with the rise in the numbers, company has to make official statement but if you are one of the user of iPhone 8 and 8 plus and if you are experiencing any bending, bowing, or heat affects in your device, straight away take it to the Apple store near you.

Are you thinking to return your iPhone 8 or 8 plus?

The reports are still in the initial period and the launch of the latest product comes with a history of distributing some faulty units as Apple ships around millions of iPhones across the globe and it is quite normal to have 2 or 3 units to be faulty. if you have already purchased the latest model by Apple, then stick with it and if you are going through any problem related to the bending of the iPhone, you can always visit your nearest Apple store.


This is not the first time that the news has emerged about the bending of the iPhone as few years ago the same story related to the iPhone 6s was hitting the market with the bending problem. iPhone 6s screen repair was trending after the official launch of the product but later it was proved to a hoax as to bend the iPhone you need an extra pressure. In case of iPhone 8, always use the authentic charger and cable which increases the life of your smartphone and there will be no or less chances of getting it damaged.             

What’s your call to tackle the problem?